Tuesday, May 31, 2005

EKOL ESPWA -- Tiburon

On the very western tip of the southern peninsula lies the town of Tiburon. In a dilapidated house with two rooms and a old tent we run Ekol Espwa- Tiburon. We have 110 students who are happy to have the chance to go to school thanks to your support. Edouard went to visit the school this past weekend and yesterday. It took him five hours by motorcycle each way. He prayed all the way that the rains would not come while he was on the road and his prayers were heard. We'd like to build a small, decent school for these children and furnish it properly but... maybe someday. The cost of running this little school for 110 students with five teachers and to buy the necessary books and supplies is a whopping $4,000.oo a year. It would be great if an organization, a church or service club would accept to finance this rewarding project. Know anyone? The following photos were taken by Edouard during his visit.
The Road to Tiburon. Posted by Hello
An inside classroom of our school in Tiburon. Posted by Hello
Here's an eager student who believes in the saying " the early bird catches the worm". He was the first to arrive on Monday morning! Check out the furniture. Posted by Hello
More students in a tent classroom at Tiburon. Posted by Hello
Students of our school in Tiburon. Posted by Hello
This is Widmy, a little boy who needs a hernia operation. Widmy's teacher begged Edouard to please do something for him as he cannot walk far nor can he run and play in his condition. A hernia operation plus transportation from Tiburon and back will cost $110.00 in US funds. I had called him Jovinsky but later found out his real name is Widmy. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Maxo, our construction supervisor, standing below the new roofing structure which should be up and finished by the end of the week. This is the Sixto2 until we come up with a better name. Is that a cool shirt on Maxo or what ?

Encouraging agri news from our farm !!

A healthy and generous papaya tree doing real well now that it is getting the water it needs. Posted by Hello
Jean-Robert and Tanis planting a grapefruit sapling, just one of 150!! Posted by Hello
New corn crop we planted just two weeks ago. It's just amazing what the sun, the rain and good soil can produce. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Labor intensive or what ?

It ain't easy digging a hole for our septic system during the rainy season. Kenson, in the foreground, is thinking-- "Hey, drop that camera and pick up a shovel or a bucket!" Posted by Hello


These are the two horses we purchased. They are young and we plan on training them to be used to pull a cart and to be ridden. Anyone have an extra saddle or bridle? By the way, one is female, Polishe, and the other is single-minded. His name is Poulin. I predict ponies for the future. Posted by Hello
Atten-HUT !! Grapefuit saplings reporting for duty. Posted by Hello
We want to take advantage of the rainy season so we went ahead and purchased a bunch of grapefruit saplings. It'll be awhile before they produce fruit but well worth the wait. This variety has a juicy, blood-red interior and should be excellent. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

These are a few of our papaya. They are doing much better now that the rains have started. We have even been able to sell some at the market. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Herbie doesn't need an introduction but the lady holding him is Kathy Comito, R.N. She holds down the medical fort here and has a ton of medical experience and a Master's in Hospital Administration. Kathy's home is DesMoines but she has spent many years serving in developing countries. We are fortunate to have her on board.  Posted by Hello

Here are our doctors!

Meet three special people. Doctor Cynthia DeSoi is our Medical Director and comes down here four or five times a year. She is our 'angel of mercy' and has initiated prevention programs for the children. Dr. Cynthia is holding our two newest arrivals, Robinson and Ludima, brother and sister. Robinson is five and Ludima is three years old. They are now our youngest residents at Castel-Pere. Posted by Hello
No, this isn't Santa in scrubs. Meet Doctor Jerry Nasenbeny. He's checking out Achene for abnormal breath sounds. This is Dr. Jerry's second trip down here and we appreciate him very much!  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is the new house now complete for the Barbot family! The sign they are holding says that they thank God for this blessing and want everyone to know how grateful they are. For the Barbot family, for the children here at Pwoje Espwa and for all those who receive help with education, food or health care we wish to thank our supporters. You make this good work possible. God bless you. Posted by Hello
TiDenis, me, Herbie and Guirlain. TiDenis has a great natural smile but when you ask him to smile for the camera this is what he does. Nick tried several shots but they all came out pretty much the same. We'll just have to stalk him for a natural smile! Posted by Hello
This is Jean, our most recent. Mom and Dad are deceased and Jean was living with his grandmother who is too sickly to support him. I asked him this afternoon how things were here for him and he smiled and said-- I like it here cause I get to eat every day! Posted by Hello
Kintergarden at Castel-Pere Posted by Hello
Here I am with some of my second graders at Castel-Pere. Notice Godson in the first row. He was having one of those days and nothing I said or did could make him smile! Posted by Hello