Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monsieur Albert

M. Albert teaching his class

Monsieur Albert is a former chapel director who has been with us for four years now.  In his work as a catechist, he noticed that many of our workers were unable to read or write so he asked permission to teach them.  Every afternoon from three to five he teaches our employees and has been very successful.  We applaud his efforts.  Men and women who could not read or write are now able to do so.  What a tremendous gift this is.
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eye exams

Susan Koenig entertaining the waiting boys.

Dr. Anshu Chandra checks Jackson's eyes while Rebert looks on.
St Boniface Hospital in Fonds-des-Blancs shared a terrific resource with us this weekend.  Dr. Chandra was able to see most of our children and prescribed 28 sets of glasses.  She also identified several infected eyes and skin issues.
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Eye check-ups

One of our housemothers getting her sight checked by Alexis.

Woosman and Sam ready to hand out prescription glasses

Two of our boys reading the eye charts.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Before and three seconds later
Some kids love the camera and some...not so much.
Bobout (little tyke) is the son of one of our agriculture technicians.
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New restrooms

In the background is the new sustainable toilet that we are building for the children's village.  In the foreground is the current outhouse-type toilet which has become inadequate for the children's needs.

Here's a side photo of the new toilet which will easily accommodate all the children.  Another couple of weeks and the doors will open.  We are grateful to Max Kern (North Carolina) and his group for all their help in building and sponsoring this project.
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Jean Lexima

Jean has been working with us since last December.  He is Haitian-American (more American than Haitian) and has been invaluable these last months in helping us with organizational capacity.  Jean has a ton of experience and expertise from back in the states which he shares with us.  Apart from working with us daily, he is also the Chairman of our Board of Advisors here.  Isn't God good to bring such resources to us.
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New team mates

Willetta and Lori
These two ladies are part of the new team here.  Willetta is a retired nutritionist and Lori will be working with our older boys in helping to shape them into young men with values and vision.  We are blessed to have them here working to provide our children with the best possible environment to grow and flourish.
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Stacks of mattresses

Lousy photo of our guys
 We are working on the new mattresses which are basically foam pads with water repellent covers.  We are very grateful to an anonymous donor for this. 
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Saturday, March 10, 2012


This is Emma who works in our kitchen six days a week.  Emma cleans the big pots by hand and is the breadwinner for six people.  Three of her children attend our schools.  She is very proud to be able to provide for her family.  Your support allows this!
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Somersaults on Saturdays


The boys practicing their somersaults they hope to perform in our little shows for special occasions.
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Lazy Saturday afternoon

TiDenis just relaxing this afternoon.
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Dining Room and Kitchen

See the young men working on the roof of the new kitchen and dining room?  Kinda looks like a church, doesn't it?  In fact, it will be used on Sunday mornings as the place of worship.  We have had import and transportation challenges as the roof elements were made is the USA and put together here.  These unforeseen delays have been frustrating but we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks very much to the Cracchiolo family for their generosity which has made this possible.
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This is Elicnor, our supervising carpenter, sitting in a new chair his team just finished putting together.  The seat still needs padding and upholstery but it is looking good.  This chair is one of six that our carpenters have made for a client.  It is part of a dining room set.
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ESPWA soccer team

Honoring the Haitian flag before the game

Outplaying the opposition.
Our guys (green) won this match with a final score of 2 to 0.  This is the older teen league composed of 17 to 20 year olds.  Great team work, guys.  Thanks to our coaches and Enock Bazile for their guidance.
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

NC friends

Nora, one of our friends from NC, escorts another group of children for some fun activities
This parachute activity is one the kids' favorite
Art activities like jewelry making with beads, decorating wall hangings, coloring were a big hit with the children.  This fine group of folk come to us from the Oak Ridge Methodist Church in North Carolina.  Mr. Max Kern is the group leader and has become a very good friend of ours.  
This group raised the necessary funds and shared their expertise to finish the new sanitation bloc in the children's village.  Gone will be the disgusting outhouses and the smell.  Thank the Lord for these friends.
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