Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Our very own version of a bucket brigade! We are pouring the roof for a second floor room on the Quad. The boys mix the cement on the ground and then shovel it into buckets which are handed all the way up. There will be lots of sore muscles and sound sleepers tonight. Posted by Picasa
This is a photo of a small house we are nearly done building for a widow and her three children. I can't show you a before picture as her straw shack burned down about six months ago. We are waiting on the shutters and door. A paint job will finish this project home and another very happy family will be grateful for your support. Posted by Picasa
The first six homes that each will house 12 children and one house mother are finished as you can see here. The workers have started on six new ones. Plans are in the works for a sidewalk after I walked there this morning in the mud and water after last night's rain. We need a sidewalk for our children in wheelchairs as the grounds are a tough challenge for them. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

Edouard and Kathy left us early this morning. We had a party for them last Friday in the newer Sixto. The scene here shows six boys doing a dance routine for the crowd. It was a great time for all. The only thing missing was air-conditioning -- boy, was it hot in there! Posted by Picasa
Two of the kids in an acrobatic presentation! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

Chloe, Edouard and Yves standing in front of our teens. Chloe is giving a class on personal responsibiltiy, appropriate behavior and AIDS and STD prevention. Terrific job, Chloe!! Posted by Picasa
This is a very big day for Edmond and Lucien pictured here with Chloe, a friend who has been a big help this past month and who will accompany them to Port-au-Prince. Edmond will fly to Miami tomorrow and then to Lima, Ohio thanks to Children's Medical Mission. Lucien will stay in Port-au-Prince and have surgery to repair his badly broken leg. We are grateful to Doctor Rick Frechette for making this possible. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dear Partners

We have no idea how many folks check this blog but we hope that it is a high number and that you will spread the news about who we are and what we do. Nick, our talented photographer, and I try to capture some of the significant moments here so that you can share in our mission in a more visceral way than is otherwise possible. Your prayers and your financial support are needed. The cost of living in Haiti has increased by 15% in the last year-- this is due mostly to fuel prices that have skyrocketed and the political instability. Our Haitian staff and employees are doing terrific work but they need a just wage; our agricultural project is in its infancy and needs money to prime the pump to attain our goal of sustainability; food costs are up again and medicine, when we can find them, are far from cheap. Please help us find more partners -individuals, clubs, churches, schools- who can help us help the children. May God bless our efforts !!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This is a photo of an x-ray of a ten year old boy's right upper leg. A car hit him, broke his leg and almost ripped his ear off. Lucien, the boy, has been hospitalized for a month and the local hospital couldn't help him. We took him here and have arranged to transfer him to PaP to St Luke's Hospital where Father/Doctor Rick Frechette will care for him. Posted by Picasa
Here is Lucien in a wheelchair we borrowed for him. He has a great personality and smiles alot despite the photo.  Posted by Picasa
A woman in her thirties came by yesterday with this little boy in tow. The story I heard from a staff person was that his mother had recently passed away and that his grandmother could not care for him. The woman was apparently his aunt and she just up and left him here. He can't tell us where he comes from or any other information. He is called Jean and is very polite. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 22, 2005

Here's a happy Edmond in his new traveling clothes. Edmond will be leaving us for treatment of severe chronic osteomyelitis resulting from an accident he had two years ago. His foot is crushed and pretty much useless. Keep him in your prayers as he heads to the mid-West for this special care. God bless the care-givers and host family accepting this challenge. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Our newest additions to Castel-Pere. The waiting list is still long but we are making a dent in it. Brought the boys over to the village Saturday evening and they were welcomed with open arms.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Madame Kathy

Kathy Comito has been with us for just over a year. She has been instrumental in putting together a comprehensive medical program to benefit the children of Espwa. Kathy has been a mother, a consoler, a nurse, a disciplinarian, a shoulder to cry on... She will be greatly missed as she leaves us to assist Jack at Theo's Work, Inc. in the states. Her daily routine will be very different but the goal remains the same-- better care of the children here.
Avner receiving medical attention from Kathy as Herbie looks on. Posted by Picasa
Kathy with a few of the boys at Castel-Pere.  Posted by Picasa
A photo of the Constant house we are building for a poor family in Camp-Perrin. They used to live on the river's edge and were flooded every time we had torrential rains-- at least twice a year. Mr and Mrs Constant and their eight children are extremly grateful and pray for their benefactors every morning and evening for this wonderful gift. Posted by Picasa
A major step for the irrigation system was the creation of a dam. Here you see the finished dam which we will use as a source to irrigate our crops and provide water to the animals Posted by Picasa
Bruno is standing in front of the primary school. As you can see we are moving along at a good pace. It won't be ready for opening day of school but we are hoping that October will find the children sitting in their new classrooms. What a blessing! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Home, at last

I finally made it back here on the 12th after four long weeks in California. It is great to be back even though things get chaotic on a regular basis. These last couple of days were like a throw-back to the early years here: no electricity, no running water, no internet. Things are moving along at the village and we will soon have photos for you. I am very proud of the leadership here and the teens who have worked hard during my absence. Wonderful things are happening to benefit the children and we are grateful for your support which makes this all possible. God bless all our efforts at helping His poor children here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The first neighborhood is taking shape. It won't be long we will be able to transfer 250 children here. The houses are small and each will have a house mother. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with generous benefactors.  Posted by Picasa
The rebar is up for the Primary School. We are waiting on funds to continue.  Posted by Picasa
The second floor of the Quad is finally going up. There was a lot of work to extend the roof so that we will have a porch up there. Fathers Charlie and Bal will be living here. Posted by Picasa