Monday, October 30, 2006

These six (among others) children come from the neighborhood at Castel-Pere. The two on the far right are brother and sister. Their mother passed away recently and their grandmother took them in but can't feed them. The girls (center and second from left) have discolored hair from malnutrition. Your kindness allows us to feed these needy children. Thank you. Posted by Picasa
Nick took this photo of Mass being celebrated yesterday in the new dining facility. Notice that the space has a new poured concrete floor.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 28, 2006

While in New Jersey I met with supporters and Theo's Work Board members-- Jay Fowler, Charles Hurd, Dee Orlowski, Daniel Whitley (Dan's dad), Jack Reynolds and Bill Commer. Posted by Picasa
The Parish School of San Juan Capistrano Mission has an active Haiti Club. It has been a huge help to us in the past and we look forward to bigger and better things with them in the coming years. I had the pleasure to meet the students when in California and had the opportunity to celebrate Mass with them. Here are Maggie, Paula Miller (fourth grade teacher), Nicholas, Stephan and Anne.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Raymond is back from his summer vacation in Canada. While he was at home visiting family and friends he discovered, and fell in love with, the hit logic puzzle Sudoku. Raymond decided to bring some of the puzzles back to Espwa and everyone has been taken in by the new game. Raymond is now holding weekly competitions between the kids who have taken a special liking to the game. Not only are the kids testing their reasoning skills but they are having fun and working together. Thank you Raymond for such a simple yet wonderful gift!! (can you solve the puzzle below??)

Here's Raymond handing out a fresh puzzle to Alexis. Raymond's quiet times are now very rare as children and staff alike are always knocking on his door for a new Sudoku.

And here is Alexis pondering his next move. Alexis, although only 12, has proven himself to be one of the best Sudokuers at Espwa. The only problem now is getting him to do his real math homework.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Meet the newest members of the family, Rolider and David Smith. Their story is too common. The boys had been having stomach problems for sometime but their family had no money to pay for a visit to the hospital. Rather than watch the boys suffer their mother made the only choice she could, take her children to the hospital and abandon them there, hoping and praying someone would come to their aid. Thankfully Agnes Fednor of Terre de Hommes, another relief agency in the area, found them, paid for their medical treatment and watched over them during their hospital stay. After a week Agnes brought the boys to us and asked if we could take them in. Rolider and David are now continuing to recover in our care and should be ready to start school next week. Please keep Rolider and David in your prayers, and especially their mother who was faced with a choice no one should ever have to make.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Please check Konny's Korner

Please check out Konny's Korner by clicking on the button at the right. A lot of good stuff is happening with our Arts and Crafts Program. Many thanks to Connie Basso for her dedication and awesome energy in making our program a success. What a blessing to have such great people working with us to help the unfortunate children of Haiti. Kudos to Assumption School and Parish. We are very grateful and appreciative. God bless you!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Dr. Cynthia, Dr. Jerry, Ellen and Marc left this morning after a long and productive week, and our TB program has become more efficient and effective as a result. All the children and staff who tested positive over the last year and a half have begun their medicinal regiment in order to prevent TB from becoming a problem at Castel-Pere. In addition to TB, 300 children were tested for HIV, and the last round of DPT vaccines was given to the younger children. To finish the week, a free clinic was held for our neighbors living in the village of Madam Comb. We are always grateful for the help and support of our medical volunteers back in the States. A special thank you needs to go out to Dr. Cynthia, from all of our healthy children, for her incredible devotion and perserverance in this difficult working environment. We couldn't do it without you, Cynthia! Nou renmen ou anpil.
A shot of the free medical clinic set up on Saturday to treat patients from the neighboring community of Madam Comb. Over 200 patients were seen, children and adults, over the course of a long day. Posted by Picasa
Dr. Jerry and a few future rock stars. This picture could really be worth something someday. In the foreground is the dreaded otoscope, used for checking the ears and mouth. Many of the day's patients had brief, tearful fits upon seeing this harmless device. Posted by Picasa
Dr. Cynthia exams a mother and child, while others patiently wait their turn. Posted by Picasa
Upon hearing, "open up," this little girl happily obliged, although it was not yet her turn for an examination. For most of the children, seeing a doctor was something quite new. Posted by Picasa
A proud father assists Dr. Jerry as his son is examined. The child wasn't too happy about opening his mouth for the Doc, so the time honored cheek-pinching method was applied. Posted by Picasa