Sunday, November 19, 2017

International Children's Day!

Tomorrow - Monday, November 20th - is International Children’s Day!

Pwoje Espwa celebrated this special day today during and after Mass. In a church adorned with homemade decorations made by two of Espwa’s young women, Father Gregoire preached about the rights that children have. Espwa children offered up ideas about their rights – the right to eat well, the right to education, the right to have a voice in the world. Father Gregoire reminded the children that with their rights come responsibilities.

After Mass, a celebration team came together to put on different activities for the kids. They played music, enjoyed mini competitions, and watched performances of talented Espwa children. The celebration ended with yummy treats!

Psychologist Emma discussing the special day with the children.

A new dance routine. You go girls!
Julio wrote a song for the special day. He sang beautifully.

The sack race was a big hit!

Psychologist Emma and DJ Delince celebrate with the winner of the sack race!
 As you remember and celebrate the children in your life, we ask that you pray for children around the world who are less fortunate. Happy International Children’s Day 2017!