Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Second floor of the Primary School is starting to take shape. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

Here's a photo of one corner of the Quad from the opposite corner. I wanted you to see the courtyard railing and the grillwork in the background. Pretty neat, eh?  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sammy being his casual and creative self this morning. Sammy is our metalwork expert. Gregory is our painter. Together they make a terrific team. Posted by Picasa
Patrick and Frankie working on designs for their session in Arts and Crafts. Posted by Picasa
Frankie painting a frog which was his project today in Arts and Crafts. Posted by Picasa
Dedelay, background, and Laurenceau take pointers from Hipolyte, our tailor. This is one of the activities for the summer hiatus. Posted by Picasa
The NEW sport at Castel-Pere is baseball. Andy is teaching the boys the ins and outs of the game. We've discovered some pretty talented kids. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll be exporting baseball talent like our neighbor, the Dominican Republic. Posted by Picasa
Here's our clothing store in front of LaMadone. We did well on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday and today were kinda slow. Posted by Picasa
Jonas, Bwa and Mackenson assist our volunteers, Dan and Johanna, in the clothing project. Posted by Picasa
Among his many talents, Brother Clement makes wooden cars, trucks, trains, planes and buses. The kids have a lot of fun with them. Posted by Picasa
It was baptism day for Danelo. His parents, Honel and Darlyn, came by to show him off. Welcome to the family, Danelo. Posted by Picasa
Danelo with godparents, Berthony Constant and Mirline Plaisime. Posted by Picasa
Six days a week and eight hours a day these ladies do laundry to keep our kids in clean clothes. God bless them! Posted by Picasa
Here's Dino cleaning up after breakfast. Things are rather primitive until the kitchen and dining room are on line. Posted by Picasa
This is Wilbert, one of our helpful teens, posing with one of the 12 new puppies. Yup, 12!! If only the cows could reproduce as quickly and in such numbers. Posted by Picasa
Three of the older boys welding the railings for the Quad's second deck.  Posted by Picasa
An updated shot of the Quad's interior courtyard from one corner. Sophia is seen cleaning up after breakfast. Beyond the stairs are the dining room, kitchen and small bathroom. Posted by Picasa

Kitchen and Dining Room Photos

I was going to take one photo of the work being done in the kitchen and dining room now that the roof has been poured up on the second deck. The guys refused to let me go until they were all photographed so there are a several pictures here instead of one. Enjoy!
The kitchen in the making. That's Pierre-Rinot posing for his godfather and fans. Posted by Picasa
T-Boss, Maxxon and T-Wawa working in the dining room. That was the old exterior wall now an interior wall. Notice they filled in the old window space. The wiring is done (see the conduits on the floor) so we can pour the floor. Posted by Picasa
Pierre-Luc and Jude faking it. They just wanted their photo taken and will be thrilled it's on the blog. Posted by Picasa
Roberto leveling one of the walls in the new Quad's kitchen. Posted by Picasa
Here is Boss Kala putting some varnish on the new cupboard he made for the Quad. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Those of you who follow such things know that the World Cup for soccer is in full swing. The kids are avid fans especially for Brazil and Argentina. We can't watch all the games --way too many-- but those games with Brazil, Argentina and the United States are all must-sees. Here is a photo of some of the kids watching a game on a TV set up on the porch of our little store at Castel-Pere Posted by Picasa
Jeff, Davidson, Guerlin and Jackson are all set for summer vacation. They were overwhelmed with the possibilities of what to do. There's soccer practice and playoffs; there's arts and crafts: there's summer school (yech!); there's gardening; trips to the beach and historical sights; and so on. So many possibilities that these four decided to sit and think about it for a while. Nick walked by and snapped the photo. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Biondy and Pierre-Richard playing Zuma on my computer. Tomorrow and Wednesday Biondy is taking the state exam for the certificate which will permit him to go to secondary school. Wish him and his classmates well.  Posted by Picasa