Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Communion Reception

 Here are a few of our First Communion girls along with Annabelle and her mom, Jane, who helped host the reception.
Long shot of the First Communion Party 2013 held in the Guest House.  Local pastries, cake and soft drinks were served.


On my way to the Guest House for the party this afternoon I came across two of our guys studying for the state exam to be held Monday thru Thursday of this week.  This is the Rheto Exam and a very big deal.
In the foreground is Lifaite and Julnor is in the background.  I believe the cow is just munching away as always.

Two Sacraments celebrated

Above are five newly baptized young people and sponsors.  The Sacrament took place yesterday in our small chapel located in the Guest house.

All the above (43 of 'em) received their First Communion this morning at Mass.  A happy occasion for them and a proud moment for us.  There will be a little party for them this afternoon.  Your support allows us to teach these children about God and His great love for us all.  Thank you very much.