Friday, September 30, 2005

These are the three boys we decided to take to Castel-Pere. From tallest to shortest- Ernise Noel, Gisnold Clermond and Kelly Noel. Yes, Ernise and Kelly are brothers. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What would Jesus do? WWJD

Fritzner and Ja-Roro came to me Sunday afternoon and talked about a woman they had met. Seems she was turned away at the gate here and she saw Ja-Roro and Fritzner leaving soon afterwards. She begged them to help her. They listened and decided that they would talk to me about her. I gave them the standard "we are real low on money these days" but they were persistent. I agreed to let them and two of my staff visit the woman's home and verify the story. Baie Du Mesle, the village where this poor widow lives with her ten children and two orphans, has no school, no clinic, no chapel or church. My guys were very disturbed by what they saw and they are not strangers to poverty. We took three of the boys to live at Castel-Pere even though we really can't afford to right now because [as Ja-Roro and Fritzner reminded me] this is what Jesus would do.
A few of the children enjoying a snack of saltines that my team brought along. Posted by Picasa
This little boy needed some coaxing before coming out. Nick was probably the first white person he ever saw. Posted by Picasa
Seven of the twelve children Manette tries to care for in her little hut. Ten are hers. Manette is widowed and desperately needs help. None of the children go to school-- it's just too expensive. Posted by Picasa
Pierre-Michel, Ja-Roro, Maxime and Fritzner were so touched by the level of poverty they saw this morning that they gave away their sandals and sneakers to a few of the adults in the village.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here is our metal-work workshop's latest product. It was designed by Regina for her lanai, painted by Honel and sculpted by Samuel. The lizard is fake but don't tell anyone. Posted by Picasa
The artist, Samuel, next to his creation. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 26, 2005

Cross International sponsors home project

Cross International, a non-profit humanitarian organization based in southern Florida, finances our home project. Poor families who could never afford a new home have the chance to own one thanks to Cross International. We identify the needy families and then our older boys do most of the work to keep the costs down. The boys are getting both terrific experience and a sense of pride for their contribution. So far we have built four new homes. Our list grows longer every week. There are now 17 families waiting for their dream of a new, safe home.
This is a photo of the Constant family home which flooded every time the river rose from the rains. All nine members of the family slept in this tiny stucco shack. Posted by Picasa
And here is the new home with most of the family. Posted by Picasa
Lucien is back from P-a-P and his successful operation to fix his broken leg. He has a pin in his thigh now and is slowly becoming stronger. No running just yet. His scar runs from the knee to the hip... kinda like a big zipper. He is proud of it and loves showing it off. Posted by Picasa
As space becomes available in the new quarters, we move in bunk beds one at a time. The kids decided to use branches...very smart! The transporters are from left: Nesly, Jackson, Kenson, Ti-Paul and Yvio. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

Pierre Rino, one of my teens, stands behind his brothers and sisters. We were blessed to find a sponsor for him and his family that allows them to go to school this year. His sister, upper left, was badly burned a couple of years ago and has extensive damage to her right scalp and face. There's no possibility here for plastic surgery so she has learned to live with the scars and the jokes. Please say a prayer for her, for Pierre and his family. Posted by Picasa
Two days ago we had a rainstorm and this is the result. Can you imagine what a Katrina or Rita would do here? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thanks to the kind people of the Haitian Children Relief Fund we received 32 cases of shoes and sneakers for the boys. HCRF is located in southern Florida and its leadership is mostly Haitian diaspora. We greatly appreciate this tremendous gift. For many of our boys this is the first time they have new shoes to wear. This photo was taken in the chapel and the lighting was horrendous but I wanted you to see some of the shoes and the boys. God bless HCRF !! Posted by Picasa

This little pig...

Julio and Frankie with two little pigs. All the children participate in the various agricultural projects. Feeding, cleaning... the pigs seem to like it and the smiles on Julio's and Frankie's faces indicate they don't mind too much. Posted by Picasa
A farmer's work is never done! Herbie is seen here in Jerome's boots. Am very grateful that we have Nick here to capture moments like this. With all the reasons in the world to be sad the kids manage to be kids and have some fun.  Posted by Picasa
Kakoune and Aurel performing for our visitors. Kakoune is our very talented singer and Aurel is our best juggler. He's also the manager of the performers and a straight A student! Posted by Picasa
Doug Dittrick, Bill Commer and Jack Reynolds watching the show the children put on in their honor. These three men are part of the Board of Directors of Theo's Work, Inc., a non-profit organization in the U.S. that supports our work.  Posted by Picasa
Angelo's time on the swing was up but he wasn't quite ready to give it up. Nick captured the moment. By the way, Angelo was up and running with his friends in about two minutes. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005

Thought you might like to see the metalwork suns and moons with paint on them. Pretty cool, eh? Painting is by Honel [top right], design and metalwork by Samuel [bottom] assisted by his brother, Jean Remy. They are for sale if you are interested. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

Academic Year 2005-2006 starts !

Lots of last minute hustling and running around gave way to order as the school bell rang this morning. It was our Opening Day for Ekol Espwa. All the teachers were lined up on the left and they were introduced to the children. After a half hour of prayers, good wishes and speeches classes were led out of the assembly by the teachers. Enjoy Nick's photos below.
The children gather around Yves Mecene, the school Prefect, while waiting for the bell to ring and announce the beginning of the new school year. Posted by Picasa
Dukenson and Junot lead the way for their classmates to the temporary school house on Opening Day 2005. The "yippees" you hear in the background come from the house mothers! Posted by Picasa
Our little guys listening to the various Opening Day speeches. Posted by Picasa
Jean-Robert always does a bang up job playing the drum for Sunday Mass. See his toes?  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 8, 2005

This is Samuel in front of a few of his metalwork creations. I asked him to make me some suns, one will be given to my nephew and his wife who own a restaurant called SOLARIS. If ever you're in Greensboro, NC stop in as the food is great. My best to you, Christian and Courtney. Posted by Picasa