Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's our 14 to 16 year old team participating in the tournament. The guy looking away with a ball cap is the coach. Jocelyn, in the front, is the older boys' supervisor. Carol is standing in back and she's a fan. They played last evening and won. Bravo, guys!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The latest creation from our Arts and Crafts group. This one and some others like it will be put in the Guest House rooms so our visitors can ask the question "who is the fairest of them all ?". I'll worry when told that the mirrors answer the query.

The mother

Remember the three brothers, Kiki, Jonathan and Wisley? Here's their mother who came by yesterday pleading for a job so she can feed the other five children at home. She's got no skills so we'll see if she can join our laundry people or kitchen staff.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

USAID visit

We were visited today by the USAID Director of the Food For Peace Program and the USAID Director here in Haiti. They came to see the Food Distribution Depot and the Irrigation Project. Above is Beth Cypser, the Haiti Director, as she addresses the crowd gathered in the arched metal building. She is flanked by yours truly and Dr. Banatte, the CRS host for the trip. The other photo is of Jeff Borns, USAID Director of the Food for Peace Program, receiving a metal version of the USAID shield done by one of our artisans, Jean Remy Nelson. The visit was short and sweet and they were pleased to see the results of our collaboration.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on the African-style toilet

Work is progressing nicely on the high school water closet as you can see. We want to try and build a ferro-cement roof for it which is cheaper than a poured roof or a corrugated metal roof so wish us luck.

A delayed Christmas party

Yesterday, January 25th, we gave out Christmas gifts that our visitors from CA and Maine and Indiana brought us over the last few weeks. All the children received a brightly colored t-shirt and at least one toy. Thanks to all who made this possible.


Here's a photo of Samson and his truck which he made from junk. Samson is one of our best recyclers. A future electronics engineer? Or mechanic? Hope so!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Food Distribution Center

The CRS-USAID Food Distribution Center is almost done. Here you see Venel and Aye securing the small door in the front of the depot. The large double doors will be installed this afternoon. The project deadline is January 31st so we are coming in right under the wire.

Wisley, Jonathan and Kiki

Wisley, above left, came to me last week and asked to move in with us. Told him to come back and speak to Berthony Constant so he did and brought two brothers with him. His younger brother is Jonathan and the other is Kiki. They come from the area and are poor. None go to school and they live with their mother and five other siblings in a shack. Mom has nine children in all. We'll check the situation out and, if true, these boys will become our latest Espwa family members.

View of the Southern Neighborhood

I was standing on the roof of the new food distribution center and liked the view of the neighborhood so here it is. These are the homes of the children. They were recently refurbished with new paint inside and out, new screens, closets, furniture and linen thanks to a grant from Cross International.

Medical Mission from Maine

A team of medical professionals is visiting from the great state of Maine. They come from Lewiston, my hometown. Well, they all work in Lewiston at St Mary's Medical Center where I was once employed. In the top photo is Dokte Cynthia examining Luxer while Kevin waits to be seen. In the other photo we see Shirley holding Pachou's two month old son who has colic. The good news is that the parents can expect to sleep again in the next year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arts and Crafts Update

One of our talented artisans has perfected a fresh idea! These colorful centerpieces are carved from local soapstone. Each one has a personal twist of his creativity with a varied assortment of watermelon slices, avocado wedges, cashews, mangoes, and other surprises. Each base is a different shape painted in vibrant color. Our artists are always happy to sell their wares to our visitors-- not only to feel that their creative efforts are appreciated, but to earn enough to purchase more supplies and maybe something else for themselves.

The Right Honorable Governor General of Canada

Found out that was the way to address the visiting dignitary. Our boys performed a folklore dance. They were acclaimed by her honorableness and the crowd.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Governor General of Canada

The Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, came for a visit today. Here she is seen arriving in Madame Combe, our neighboring village, with her entourage which included the Canadian Ambassador and the Haitian Prime Minister.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More rustproofing

More shots of the kids painting their own beds. As much as possible we try and integrate the kids in the process of caring for them. Our slogan is "Se nou la solisyon" or "We are the solution". They are proud and much more respectful of their homes, beds, clothing... as a result of this principle.

First Visitors for 2009

From bottom to top and left to right: Sue Valiton from MN, Jeff Carta and Tom Doran from AL; Gayle Peters, Kary and Nicole Yerger; Kirt Fickle, Dee Orlowski, Thomas Weiler and Ryan Kobayashi. Most of them come from CA but all were great fun who spent time with the kids. All but Dee are leaving tomorrow morning and they'll be missed. Thank you and y'all come back now, ya hear?

Friday, January 9, 2009

New addition

Berthony Piard, Pwoje Espwa's Director, and his wife, Camille, are proud to announce the birth of their second child, Berthony Junior. Congrats and best wishes to the three of them.

Painting bed frames

We are currently working on the transformation of the northern neighborhood housing. Here you see some of the boys applying rust-proofing paint to the bed-frames. Today is the last day of the Christmas and New Year's vacation so we are making the most of their free time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you


For your support that has allowed us to feed the hungry children, to clothe them, to care for them we say Thank you. The children and I remember you in our daily prayers.
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Secondary School toilet



Progress is being made on the Secondary School toilet after the end of the year holidays. Maxo, in the green fatigues and white cap, is the project foreman.
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We are putting up endwalls for the arched metal building which we use daily for meals and on Sundays for liturgies. This will be a huge improvement in keeping some semblance of order and the space neat.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Annual Pilgrimage

Every year around the holidays Father Patrick Samway comes for a visit. Patrick is an English professor at St Joseph's University in Philadelphia. You see him above entertaining Pat and Will (Yes, he's back!) and below with David Hession, a senior pre-med student at St. Joe's. Always good to have you with us, Patrick.

Making it home

Pat Mullen has been visiting. She's been cleaning, cooking and putting order in my house. I haven't been much of a host (malaria) but she seems to be enjoying herself nevertheless. The latest piece of furniture from my carpenters is this sideboard which Pat organized.