Friday, April 30, 2010

Best friends

Stanley Douyon and Jones Antoine, best friends, were waiting outside my house this afternoon.  No special reason, just a place to hang out.  Guess blue was the color of choice today.

Valdouvio Minique

Valdouvio saw Douillon's photo and begged for one of his own with shades.  I am thankful that this is digital photography.  Can you imagine the cost in film?


For those of you with memories like mine, here's Keke.  See the family resemblance?


Two of the boys watching another sing as part of the daily "formation" program.  Typical topics are personal hygiene, respect for others, rules to live by...  Chucky's on the left and Ninise's on the right.  Yes,  Ninise is Keke's older brother.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is Herold. He left us in 2008 to play professional soccer. Things did not work out and he is now looking to earn a living doing something else. Problem is that jobs are scarce, real scarce. He's 21 y/o and  studied jewelry making but money's needed to get that going. Told him to get a soccer camp up and running so maybe, just maybe...
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Prison visit

Went with Ryan (his first visit) to the prison this morning. Saw JahRoro who looks terrible: gray tint to his skin, skin problems and he's lost weight. Asked him to manage the small Arts & Crafts project within the prison. Here are more wallets made of wrappers and powdered juice packets made by the inmates. They are incredible. Contact our office in Greensboro if interested.
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Valery with doll

This is Valery Minique holding the doll that Scheilla made.  He asked if the folks who see this picture will think he plays with dolls.  I replied that the people who check out this blog understand and winked.  Made him laugh.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Rob Morris, Board member of Free the Kids (FTK), is seen here enjoying the BUV.  Rob came down with Susan Kimball (journalist/reporter) and Gary (videographer) with the Maine NBC affiliate.  They are doing a short documentary on Haiti.  This could be good exposure for us and we've got Rob to thank for this.
Susan Kimball and I accompany Stanley to get him some new shoes.
Gary filming in the school.

Patrick Chery

Last evening Patrick, 16 years old, had a candle is in hands when another child, a girl, spilled alcohol on him accidentally.  The alcohol flashed very quickly and Patrick got some third degree burns.  Saw him twice today and both times he said that he was not in pain so he's either getting some really good pain meds or something's wrong.  He'll have scars on his upper chest, neck and forehead but things could have been much worse.  Say a prayer for him, please.


Rita Hunter, one of the ladies who left us today, brought a doll making project with her.  We thought that Scheilla would be a good first candidate and she is.  She made her first stuffed doll yesterday and today.  Rita left her with enough material to make fifty dolls which we hope to sell in our Arts and Crafts store.  I'll get you a photo of the dolls one of these days.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good news

This is Scheilla, the young woman we found unconscious on the side of the road.  A new friend and recent visitor to ESPWA has offered to help out Scheilla.  This is really good news for her and her future baby.  Will try and find her a home near here so we can keep tabs on her.  Thank you for your prayers.

Photo: Duckens Douillon

Duckens got some new sunglasses this morning and insisted I take his photo.  I got the exposure all wrong but he loved the photo and asked that I share it with you.  It kinda looks like an advert for sunglasses in a fancy style mag, non? 

Gifts for all

After church this morning, little plastic eggs filled with candy and toys were distributed to all the children by the visiting ladies.  All five were involved but I have only one photo of Regina giving out eggs.  Thanks very much to Penny who put in some very long hours in gathering all the toys so this event could take place. 

Saturday morning ritual

It has become routine to see the boys (and girls occasionally) picking up trash on Saturday morning right alongside Ryan.  We try and provide some incentives as having a clean yard is not quite enough for these kids.  Thanks to Ryan and his faithfulness in this little project we have an attractive area for at least one day a week. 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Party participants

Nathalie and Francois
John (growing up fast right before our eyes)
Bossico all dressed up for the occasion
Michael performing with plenty of gusto
Front rowers: Moliene (our receptionist), Maitre Etienne (our Education Director), Rita, Penny, Chris, Regina, Dee and Daniel.

MaTante's 72nd

Guest of honor, MaTante.
MaTante with her two assistants, Carol and Fanfan.
MaTante with some of the housemothers who came to celebrate her 72 birthday.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chris and Regina

Chris and Regina, two of our current visitors, lent us a hand in cleaning out one of the containers this afternoon.  It must have been 110 degrees in there so we really appreciate the effort.

Jimmy and Ryan

Jimmy playing the electric guitar that Ryan gave him this evening.  Some folks from CA were kind enough to transport this down with them.  Let me tell you, Jimmy is one happy camper!


The young woman I wrote about is called Scheilla (pronounced just like Sheila) and she's eighteen years old, is five months pregnant and had not eaten for four days.  She has no one to care for her and can't find a job.  Her sister was contacted but she has children and can't provide for Scheilla.  We brought her some food which she barely touched.  The doctor spoke harshly with her about caring for her unborn child and Scheilla just cried.  We are trying to find a shelter for her but it doesn't look good at all.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prayers, please

Jasquelin, one of the Espwa Kominote members, was returning from town late this afternoon and came across a young, pregnant woman who was passed out on the side of the road to our place.  She was not responsive so he hurried back here to tell me.  Sent our KIA with a couple of our older boys and Jocelyn to pick her up and bring her to the General Hospital.  They stopped at LaMadonne to pick up some cash and are at the hospital now.  Please say a prayer for this woman.  I'll let you know what happens.


This young lady lives just to the north of us and comes here every day for food for her family.  I find her striking.  Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who thinks she's attractive!   Imagine her with makeup?


Jocelyn (Blan) is a graduate now working for us as a mason.  Here he's working on the Guest House garage.  What do think of his hair?
Bonhomme has healed up pretty well from the eye bashing.  He's got some discoloration but that's it.


There ain't nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to chase away the doldrums.  Here's Jean-Robert carrying some bread from the SunOvens over to Matante's for distribution.

Happy Birthday

Every week we have a birthday party for those who celebrate their birthday within that time frame.  Got there late today and one celebrant was already gone but these four were still there and we had a good time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Balance

The donated bags from L.L. Bean were filled with donated New Balance shoes and sneakers.  That's another great company in Maine.  Thank you, New Balance.  We sincerely appreciate your gift!

Rural clinic

Doctor Cynthia and Ryan went to our Camp-Perrin School today and held a clinic.  Above is a shot of the consultation room.  What could be better?  There's shade and the countryside is gorgeous.  About 100 children were seen and for most it was their first time to meet a doctor.

The reality

Every single day there are people who come looking for help.  These two mothers are desperate.  The one on the bottom has no where to live, no job and begs to provide for her children.  The mother on the top is being evicted from her room in town next week.  Her husband left her soon after the earthquake.  I try and paint a positive picture of Haiti but there are times when the poverty is overwhelming and glossing over it is simply wrong.  Please continue to help us so that we don't have to turn mothers like these away.

L.L. Bean

Here's Dokte Cynthia opening the large, ruggedly attractive L.L. Bean bags that were donated to us.  Down the road a piece from where I grew up is Freeport, Maine,  home of L.L. Bean.  Used to go there at all hours when it was still just a warehouse.  It's changed alot but the standards haven't.  Great quality backed up by a terrific return policy.  If you are thinking of purchasing any outdoor gear, remember L.L. Bean.  Support our supporters.
I reread my words up above and it sounds like a commercial.  So what?  We are grateful for their generosity.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


All these boys live in the same house and they all come from Tiburon.  They are really tight and were happy to pose.
These girls saw the boys being photographed so they, too, had to have their chance.

Oh, no

Can you believe it?  Someone shaved TiOurs' head.  He's still cute but...


This is Pouchon who has been with us three years.  He tends to be a little melancholic except when playing marbles or soccer.  When he smiles, his face really lights up.  He's grown a lot since he first came.  Pouchon is one of a group of children who have extra digits. We have about 25 kids who have twelve fingers.  Pouchon's special in that the extra digit of his right hand is fully developed though there's no joint so it's not very useful.  Removing this extra finger would require serious surgery and he hasn't complained about it so we'll wait for the opportune time.