Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm preaching at all the Masses at St. Hedwig's in Orange County this weekend. I've been there before and the folks have always been gracious and generous. One of the good things about visiting places I've already been is that I can get into more detail with updates and the like. Wish me well! I'll be flying home to Maine on Monday and will have a few days off for some R&R. Don't forget that Friday will be the lobster bake fundraiser in Kennebunkport, Maine. Thanks to Dr. Cynthia DeSoi and Rob Morris for their efforts.

Mini-African sanitation block

The northern neighborhood (Sitwon) is the location for our new mini-African style sanitation block. It will contain four toilets and an equal number of showers. At this time the boys use Lake Monik to bathe so they are very happy to see this in the works.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Southern California

As in years past, I am in southern California making new contacts, renewing old ones and preaching my heart out. I was in San Diego last weekend at St Mary Magdalene Church. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be preaching at all the masses here at Santiago de Compostella and next week I'll be at St Hedwig's. The people here have been supporting us for years and are greatly appreciated as they help us in our mission. Though impacted by the global economic crisis, they continue to be generous.
Please keep me in your prayers as I spread the word regarding our work with His children in Haiti. It goes without saying that your prayers for the kids and staff of Espwa are a source of profound grace and encouragement. May God bless you.

Special cookies

Pouchon is seen holding a package of protein-enriched cookies that we were fortunate to receive. I'm not sure which local organization made this possible but we are in their debt.


Apart from our Espwa chicken project, some of the children have their own chickens. Empty boxes make ideal shelters. What happens when it rains? Guess we'll find out!


Even though I am away at this time, things are moving at Espwa. Above is a photo of the foundation work being done under the supervision of Berthony Piard. Most of the work is being done by our older teens so we save money and the boys are learning and participating in our mission. Thanks to Peter Faford for the photo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Easy Cross

Members of Easy Cross seen in the cramped studio of a local radio station
We have several musical groups here.  The boys write their own songs and lyrics and perform for our guests as well as the public.  Easy Cross was invited to a radio station Saturday evening where they were interviewed and their music was played on air.  The show went very well-- excellent publicity for them and for Pwoje Espwa Sud.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sanitary Station

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This is the final photo of the Secondary School bathroom, I promise. It looked really good in the late afternoon light that I just had to photograph it. Now everything else around it looks shabby.

Treated sheets

Ann Alexander of First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, NC and one of the Den Mothers, Valerie Sesler, worked with their Girl Scout Troop in collecting and shipping the sheets. Michael Stephens of BuzzOff coated the sheets so they repel mosquitoes which carry malaria. A HUGE thank you for your part in helping us fight this ever-present threat to our children's health. Above are a few photos of the new sheets and their appreciative recipients. God bless FPC!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NIKE footgear

A couple of photos of the boys with their new footwear provided by NIKE.  Many of our boys have never had a new pair of shoes so you can imagine the elation!  Thanks very much to John Atkinson, Vice-President at NIKE, for making this possible.