Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our California visitors are gone but we have many fond memories of their visit. Here's a group photo of the gang. From left: John, Dave, Father Ken, Ryan, Dee, me, Chase, Bryan and Thomas. Posted by Picasa

A new dining space

It all started over a year ago when Cross International agreed to purchase a prefab metal building so that the children could all eat at one sitting. A company was found in Colorado and the arched metal building was shipped to Miami and later shipped to us here. The container sat on the docks in Port-au-Prince for over eleven months while the complicated procedure to release it took its time. Dealing with customs is certainly high on our most frustrating things to do here. The container finally arrived in June but with no instructions. That's where Victor and David come in. With their help and guidance we were able to erect the building in a few days. Amazing! It took two weeks to tighten the bolts by hand but we now have a weatherproof, solid shelter for the new dining area so that all the kids can now eat at once.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here you see all the metal arches laid out like a big jigsaw puzzle. Posted by Picasa
Foundation's ready and the first metal arch goes up. Posted by Picasa
Here's the new dining area becoming more and more a reality. Thank the Lord for the bus!! Posted by Picasa
Now that Ernesto has passed us by, here is what things are like at Castel-Pere. Posted by Picasa
Victor (left) and David (second from right) pose with a few of their fans and Matante on the side of the new dining space. Posted by Picasa
Here's a photo of the finished arched building with Victor standing in front. He has every reason to be proud. Posted by Picasa
Kate Burke was with us this summer and spent a good deal of time teaching the children. It was great to have you here, Kate. Posted by Picasa
Our friend, David, from North Carolina stands with a group of the kids all wearing t-shirts which were given by the BAR Construction Co in Greensboro. Posted by Picasa
Here's little Samuel taking a break on a small hill of corn from our recent harvest. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pierre-Luc begged Nick to take his photo and so here it is. I'm not real certain but I think this is staged for your benefit. Pierre-Luc is a very good worker but he's also a ham. Posted by Picasa
From top left to bottom right: Nicolas, Herby, Feguens, Carlin, Didy and Jude. Welcome to the family, boys. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bryan, Thomas and David were out for an early morning stroll with some of the children. We hope the California visitors enjoyed their stay as much as the kids enjoyed their presence. Posted by Picasa
Here's a great shot of David with a few fans. Just behind him is Ryan; the flowers in his hair were a gift from the kids. Posted by Picasa
Father Ken taking a moment's respite with a few friends. Father is pastor of St Hedwig's Parish in southern California. It's the hottest time of the year to visit Haiti but he had a good time nonetheless. Posted by Picasa
Proud parents, Berthony and Camille, presenting their new baby girl to us last week. Baby is healthy and the parents are ecstatic. Posted by Picasa
Good things come to those who wait! Here's a photo of Bercame, Camille and Berthony's daughter. What a joy for her parents! Posted by Picasa