Friday, July 29, 2005

A truck load of rice, flour. sugar, vegetable oil et cetera.. is being unloaded at Castel-Pere. The food is a gift of Cross International. Bless them. Posted by Picasa
After helping with the unloading of the container there was a spontaneous explosion of musical energy. What a pleasure to see them happy. Posted by Picasa
Typical summer evening at Castel-Pere. Playing or watching, everyone loves soccer here. Posted by Picasa
This little boy has scoliosis and is fortunate to be able to get some physical therapy in our town. Photo was taken at the new physical therapy clinic started by Bernadelle Morin. Posted by Picasa
This is a photo of Bernadelle Morin, a graduate of ours. He is proudly standing near a small physical therapy clinic he operates. Is there a greater joy than to see one of our kids succeed?  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Day 1 after surgery and Elson is looking good. He may be in pain but with a positive prognosis it will be bearable. God bless all the folks who made this possible. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Surgery for Elson

I received an email from Doctor Cynthia DeSoi this afternoon and wanted to pass it on to all of you. Here it is:

I am writing this from the recovery room, where I am waiting for Elson to wake up. It has been a long day already- we arrived at the hospital at 6 am for surgery at 8 am. We were delayed until 9:30 because of guardianship issues and infection control. After much discussion it was decided that we needed a negative airflow room and all the staff had to wear space suits, boots, etc.

Anyway, it finally began. I was able to be there the entire time. The surgery took 4 hours and was quite extensive. His arm was opened from shoulder to elbow, and all of the infected bone was removed. If you can imagine a canoe, that's what it was like. Then a rod was made of antibiotic-impregnated plastic and made to fit in the enormous hole. The whole thing was flushed with about 20 liters of fluid, and then closed. He will likely go back to surgery next week for more debridement. Eventually (?6-8 weeks?) he will need bone grafting.

He is still sleeping, and we are not in a hurry to wake him as he is going to be hurting. He is stable and the care is wonderful.
Thanks for your prayers- keep it up!

Dokte C.
This is a photo of Ludima Pascale having her hair done by Mrs. Orel Odric. Ludima's mother died a few months ago. She and her three brothers now live with us at Castel-Pere. This photo speaks volumes about the care the children receive. It is obvious that Nick is a very talented photographer and here's the proof.  Posted by Picasa
The foundation for the primary school is finished. The rebar is set and the concrete blocks will be positioned next. Thank you for helping to make this dream come true. Posted by Picasa
With the kitchen in the background the teens are working on the second floor of the Quad. Fathers Charlie and Bal will be living there.  Posted by Picasa
BIG BUTTERFLY from our Arts and Crafts Department. Honel is holding one large butterfly which he made. Please note the markings on the huge insect: ESPWA. Way to go, Honel. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Update from Maine

While there have been moments of homesickness, Elson is delighted to be with his new 'family' and friends. His eyes sparkle as he sees new and wonderful things. Dr. Cynthia reports that he will have a long recovery as tests show his infection is deep. Please pray for him and join me in thanking God for the generous people who are making this dream a reality for Elson. As the following photos show, Elson is embracing his experience in the United States and savoring it.
Music plays a very important role in the lives of Haitians. It allows the spirit to soar. It's no wonder Elson is drawn to musical instruments like this guitar. In all likelihood, he has never seen or touched a real guitar before this. Posted by Picasa
Elson at the keyboard.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

Here's a first photo of the new neighborhood. If all goes according to plan our little guys will be moving in by the end of August. The place they are staying now will become the temporary school until funds can be found and the permanent primary school built.  Posted by Picasa
A photo of the new neighborhood from another angle (Coconut Avenue?). Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Elson with his host family, all three generations of them. Dr. Cynthia's mom, herself, Elson and Claire outside their home in Greene, Maine. Elson is adjusting well and is very happy to be with the DeSoi's and so close to a possible cure. Posted by Picasa
Doctor Cynthia DeSoi and Elson in Miami. The flight was delayed due to tons of people averting Hurricane Emily so an overnight stay in Miami was necessary. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Elson and Kathy leaving for Port-au-Prince. With any luck Elson will be flying to Miami with Kathy to rendezvous with Dr. Cynthia DeSoi who will escort him to Maine where he will undergo treatment. Thank you for all your prayers as they surely were instrumental in making this "miracle" happen. Posted by Picasa

At last !!!

When Dr. Cynthia DeSoi, our medical director, visited us last January she saw Elson who has had a deep infection in his shoulder for three years. The infection started soon after surgery done here in Cayes to reattach a torn ligament. Elson's mother had borrowed money for the surgery and could not afford to return to the hospital for after-care. It was decided that the best course of action was treatment in the United States with specialists in this field as the infection could lead to more serious problems. It took us four months to get through the bureaucratic maze and get Elson a passport. Two weeks later he has a medical visa from the U.S. embassy and is finally on his way to Maine where he will be hosted by Dr. DeSoi and her family and where Elson will hopefully find healing for his wound. Will keep you posted on his status. Please continue to pray for him. Words cannot express the gratitude that we feel for the love that has been extended to Elson.
Maxime Louis, Elson and Miss Joseph. Maxime is one of my trusted senior staff. He and Miss Joseph, our nurse, are responsible for the medical care of the children. They are standing in the small dispensary of Kay Espwa in town. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And one more grapefruit sapling... That's not really a pirate supervising this agricultural activity, it's none other than Nelson who has a penchant for colorful headgear. Posted by Picasa
Jimmy giving Papouche a ride. They'll reverse roles in a few minutes. It won't be long the older boys will miss the wheelbarrow and fun time will be over. Posted by Picasa
Michel, Castel, Claude and Kenson prepare the bunk beds for the upcoming move to the village. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is Jordonie. Don't know any more about him. A man dropped him off after his mother abandoned him. He is feasting on a fresh mango in this shot. Posted by Picasa
...pick a card, any card. I find it amazing how these children can manage to smile despite all that happens to them. We have to be doing something right here. Posted by Picasa

Wedding Photos

Thursday, July 7th, we were surprised in the early morning hours with Hurricane Dennis' winds and torrential rains. Homes were destroyed; trees were uprooted; lines were down. Berthony and Camille's wedding was scheduled last year and many people traveled long distances to be with them on their special day. The Mass started late as there was no electricity in town and the church's generator would not start. Am very glad that Nick is back or there would not have been photos. Following this are three photos that Nick took under the worst conditions. Is he good or what? May God bless Camille and Berthony as they begin their new life together.
Mr. and Mrs. Berthony Piard exit the cathedral after their nuptial Mass. Posted by Picasa
Berthony listens with joy to Camille's vows. Posted by Picasa