Thursday, June 30, 2005

Once the contents were removed, the container was unceremoniously dumped on the property and our local [antique] tow truck pulled it to its new location. What I wouldn't give for a crane or a decent backhoe or heavy-duty forklift ! Posted by Hello
After weeks and weeks of delays caused by a strike at the Port Authority in Port-au-Prince, bad weather in the city, trouble finding a driver due to violence in the capital and the "normal" inefficiency of the Customs' Bureau we finally have our Solar PedalFlo water pump at the village. A few of the boys express their joy at now having it here with us. Victor will be making it operational and we will all have clean water to drink. This is a sad day for Imodium distributors in southern Haiti. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Much happening these days

Wish I had photos to share with you about the big move but the battery in my camera decided it needed a day of rest. It was an exciting thing to watch the kids pile into the bus with all their possessions (most of them carried a small trash bag that contained clothes, toothbrush, a toy or two). They sang all the way to Castel-Pere and, once there, hurried to their assigned rooms. I've never seen to many smiles in one place.
We are busy at the vilage. The Sixto2 is practically finished just waiting on cabinets and a few windows; the foundation for the new school has started; the second floor on the Quad is coming along; fruit trees are being planted; the new neighborhood has been situated and the blocks are being prepared for construction; the kitchen needs to be larger so we are knocking down a wall and building an extra room. The following photos only hint at all the activity taking place. All this would not be possible without your help and we are very appreciative. God bless.
Blocks being prepared for the Second Neighborhood. Once we have 10,000 we will start building the children's homes. Posted by Hello
Clarence carrying earth blocks for the second floor Quad. Posted by Hello
Wilgens and Fritzner planting a coconut tree. Posted by Hello
Foreground -- teens excavating the Primary School foundation. Background -- teens planting coconut and mango trees. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Last minute preparations

Tomorrow is the big day for another one hundred boys here. They will move to the village and can hardly wait. We have had to buy bunk beds, mattresses and sheets to accommodate them. For many of the boys this will be the first time they get their own bed. Not all of the rooms in the new Sixto are ready so some of the boys will be sleeping in the Quad. They don't mind at all. There's no doubt that tomorrow, moving day, will be hectic but we will try and have photos for you to enjoy. Please say a prayer for a smooth transition. Thanks and God bless.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bosiko and Danale picking up leaves. All the children have small chores and this is theirs. Notice the wheelbarrow has only one arm. We'll weld another one on soon. Posted by Hello
Three of the boys stacking earth blocks which will be used to build the second story on the Quad. The grenadine vines [foreground] are doing really well. Posted by Hello
Here's Castel hauling earth blocks for the second floor we are building on the Quad. Posted by Hello
It's good to have Papou back with us. His surgery went well and the doctor is optimistic that Papou will be able to hear better now. We are fortunate to have Hospital Brenda Strafford just down the road from us. Sr. Evelyn Tremblay, the founder and administrator, has been a terrific friend from the very beginning. God bless you, Sister.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

Breakfast at Castel-Pere consists of cornmeal and water. They'll have rice and beans for lunch along with some fruit juice. Supper will be dumplings in gravy with water. No wonder we don't have a weight problem!! Posted by Hello
Bernadette and her boys start the morning with the traditional ablutions and a few words on hygiene. Posted by Hello
Meet Victor. He is with us for three weeks and is a huge help in organizing the construction and laying out the buildings we hope to start shortly. Victor is drinking the best coffee in the world while the kids have their breakfast. Posted by Hello

Masons at work

I was at the village early this morning and was able to photograph the teens as they finished their work on the second Sixto. There's still closets to be built for three bedrooms and the windows and doors need to be installed. In another week this structure will be filled with the happy sounds of laughing and screaming boys. Listen a little closer and you'll hear the prayers of the monitors.
Bertin, Mackenson and Sony filtering the rocks out of the sand needed for the floor. Posted by Hello
Our teens finishing the floor of the second Sixto. The whole courtyard is cemented which allows a space for the little kids to play when it rains. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Just a few photos to show you the progress being made at Castel-Pere. The teens are pouring the floor in the fourth room (of six) so that the Sixto will be ready for the transfer of children in a few weeks. I am very proud of the work our guys are accomplishing and the best thing is-- they are, too. Posted by Hello
In this photo the teens are working on the cupboards which will be used for storing the children's clothes and personal items. Posted by Hello
This is a shot of the courtyard of the new Sixto. The roof is almost done as you can see. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Our Recent Arrivals

This has been a busy week and so I haven't had the time to update this as I'd like. Following this is a set of photos of the new boys who have joined us here at Pwoje Espwa. Two come from Tiburon as a direct result of Edouard's visit last week. The others were coming here every day (sometimes several times a day) to beg for food. We are planning on moving most of the little guys out to the village/farm. Thanks to all of you, our supporters and friends, for allowing us to help these needy children. May our Father in heaven bless you all.
We start with Pierre-Louis Getro who comes from La Creole, a slum nearby. Getro's mother passed away several years ago and his father makes very little shining shoes for a living. Getro was not able to attend school or even eat daily. He will now.  Posted by Hello
You should recall this one. His real name is Widmy Jeune. I was mistaken the last time. Widmy's father is deceased and his mother has no means whereby to help her son. Widmy will be operated on for a hernia thanks to one of our supporters. He is already smiling in anticipation of the freedom this surgery will bring him. Posted by Hello
And here is Dikenson LesRois. He comes from Tiburon.His mother is deceased and the father is unable to care for Dikenson. Posted by Hello
This is Elias Evens. Evens' father is deceased and his mother cannot provide for him. Posted by Hello
Meet Jeff Paul. Jeff's father is deceased and his mother abandoned him. Jeff was a 'restavek', a child servant who was mistreated by his patron. Posted by Hello
And here is Ezai Pierre. Ezai's mother is deceased and his father is unable to provide for his son. Posted by Hello
This is Stanley Preval. Both his parents are deceased and he was living with an aunt who cannot care for him. Posted by Hello