Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls' Domes

Below is a picture of our preteen girls. They are kind to the children, helpful to the house mothers, and very studious. On their last report card, they all received a 7.0 average. This is top work! 

Here is the first of a series of dome houses that our girls will reside in. A model bladder is blown up, then the stucco is put into place, and when it is dry, the bladder will be removed. The craftsmen are becoming experts at the process. Photo courtesy of Bill Bullock. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Guess who are the champion soccer players of Les Cayes?  Yup, our very own ESPWA team.  That's Enock Bazile holding the precious trophy.
Photo by Bill Bullock
And here's a shot of the proud and winning team.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Celebrated Mass this morning (notice faithful Napoleon under the altar) in the Quonset building.  Nine (two infants and seven youngsters) were baptized right after the short but brilliant homily.  Photo taken by Bill's iPad.

Twins Update

The twins are doing well.  Both have gained some weight and the little girl was heard crying, a good sign.  From what I heard, her lungs are pretty healthy.  Nathalie had to go out and buy some more diapers and some food for the woman who is staying with the babies.  Keep those prayers coming as the twins are not out of the woods, yet.

ESPWA Scouts

Had a meeting with our scouts yesterday under the choucounette. 
Here are the troop leaders getting in a little parade skills' perfection.  They have a ways to go still or maybe it was my time with Marines that has spoiled me.
We are encouraging the scouts as the program offers much in terms of discipline and leadership.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sponsor Sonice and Sony

The twins, Sonice and Sony, have officially been added to the Army of Angels website. These tiny angels are in desperate need of support.

By clicking on the link below, you can make a monthly commitment to sponsor Sonice and Sony.

Sponsor Sonice and Sony

Honoring mothers

This is Stanley.  He doesn't have a mom.
It's Mother's Day in two days and one way you can honor your mom is to make a donation to help children like Stanley.  Here's the link:

Update on twins

Little Sonice was not well this morning.  She was refusing to drink anything, had had a bout of diarrhea and had a blank expression on her face.  No doctor to be found and she is too little to give her an IV so we took her to the pediatric center run by a Swiss org, Terre des Hommes.  She was admitted and is now on a special formula for undernourished and dehydrated babies.  We discussed Sony with the staff and they decided that he should be admitted as well.  We still have to provide for them but they are thankfully being cared for by experienced medical people.  Huge relief!  They'll come back once the doctor there determines that they are no longer in danger.  Thanks for the prayers. 


My friend, Bill Bullock, transformed a photo taken with his iPad into this sketch.  That's Julio reversing the numbers which were on my b'day cake.  Purty kool if you ask me!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Four months ago, twins Sony and Sonice were born.  Sadly their mom died giving them birth.  The father is left with ten other children and cannot provide for the twins.  After a home visit, the social worker was alarmed at the twins' condition and has been looking for outside help.  We have agreed to temporarily care for the babies here until a long-term solution can be found.  Two of our housemothers will share the care of the twins and we'll have to purchase feeding bottles, formula and diapers.  As they have just arrived, they won't be on our website for sponsorship for a while but we could sure use some help here.  The boy, Sony, is more undernourished than his sister.  With your help we hope to make a difference in their lives.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My B'day party

MarcKenson Miliste hosted the party.
Special guests
More special guests
Milord with his fascinating eyes
Julio and Tama sang for us
As did Woodlin, Patrick and Fery (an original song by Woodlin)
Some dancing by our young ladies
One thoughtful gift of many
 Some joking about my age
A good time for all.  Thanks very much to the staff especially to Berthony (above left) and Jean in making this happen.


We've just started these informal gatherings.  The children choose the discussion topics and all are encouraged to participate.  Mrs. Bernonie, standing on the right, observes.  She is our ChildCare Coordinator.
It's always interesting to hear the children's take on things.  That's our Primary School on the left.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday afternoon

Friends hanging out together
Julnor, the tall one, with some little buddies.  Julnor is an accomplished student, loves to speak English and heads the Sunday School Program here. He is a terrific older brother.
Recognize TiOurs?  Yup, he's the one on the left.  When he and his two fearless friends get together, watch out.  Trouble is never very far away.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day here in Haiti.  It is sometimes referred to as "Agriculture Day" or Haiti Verte.  As there's no school (and fortunately no rain) we decided to get the kids involved in planting trees.  The above photo was taken by Bill Bullock this morning and was taken in the children's village.  In the center is Mr. Jean Lexima who appears to be happy with the activity.  We planted cherry, palm, coconut, pine, spruce and other type trees.  If we can keep the goats at bay, we'll soon have lots more shade-- a very good thing here.
Berthony, in the orange slicker, encourages the children.
These girls opted to plant trees along the entrance road to our campus.