Friday, March 3, 2006

Charles Hurd, volunteer from New York, working on a nursery project of a special tree, locally known as the soapnut tree, whose seed pods can be used for laundry or shampoo. It's great when things work together like this. With these soapnuts we don't have to worry about pollution or buying biodegradable detergent. Charles is also working on an irrigation plan for the farm. He's extended his stay with us to do this and it is much, much appreciated. Posted by Picasa


  1. Great potential in this project...will be interesting to see it develop.

  2. All natural soaps are high in demand in the US too...hmmm, can we figure out how to package it and sell it at the "10,000 Villages" Fair Trade shops?
    By the way, the natives in the Mohave have a dessert plant that opens up to reveal inside fibers which have natural cleansing and foaming properties when mixed with water! I hear about it at the Grand Canyon. So cool!

  3. This is great...I just heard about soapnuts from a wonderful man in a Paris market, and now learn that they are being implemented in a nursery project in haiti is exciting.