Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Nick and Portia decided to go to Port-Salut Sunday afternoon for a little R&R. They were involved in a motorcycle accident on their way back. It's a good thing that Portia was wearing her helmet. Injuries could have been much worse. Nick required more stitches (he's setting a new record) and Portia saw the pavement up real close. They are both in PaP at the best hospital there-- basically for observation. The UN folks were kind enough to provide them with transportation via helicopter. Riding a motorcycle is Haiti is dangerous as Haitians don't tend to respect the rules of the road and road conditions are often less than desirable. Join me in thanking God that the wounds were, like beauty, only skin deep.


  1. Give them both our best for a speedy recovery.

  2. God bless them both. From the Clintondale Friends Christian Church in Clintondale, NY and Pastor Dan

  3. I just want to thank God that my cousin Nick and his friend are ok. Tasha