Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Two visits

I was visited by two people today who are responsible for children. The first was a policeman, Junot DesRivaux, who runs a small orphanage in town. He has no money and no support. He spends his own meager salary to purchase food for the children but they need much more. They need to be educated. They need clothing and medical care. There are nineteen children, all under ten, in his care.
Sister Flora is a Canadian nun who has been working at Ile-a-Vache for 26 years. She has 55 children in her care and more than half are severely handicapped. She can't make ends meet. Both are doing God's work here in Haiti and need help. Do you know someone or an organisation looking for a worthy cause? Please help us help them. Thank you.

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  1. Cold you please provide me with the phone of Sister Flora, who rans the orphanage in Ile A Vache (Haiti) It is very important.