Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome back, Jean-Wil

It has been a long time coming but our old Jean-Wil is finally making an appearance. He is gaining strength daily, eating well and smiling like he used to. He is still in some pain but has no more fever. Joints still bother him but less so and he needs to put on some weight. Thank you for your prayers as we were really scared there for a while.
Thank you, Dokte Cynthia and Rusty and all the folks of the Athens Medical Group Mission for being so attentive to Jean-Wil.


  1. Great to see him smile instead of grimacing with pain. He is fortunate that the medical team was in town just when he neede dthem most. Thanks to all the dedicated doctors and other assistance!

  2. It makes me so happy to see Jean Wil smiling! Keep my hammock warm for me buddy, can't wait to see you!

    Father Marc- I think he needs a new sweatshirt...I'll bring one back for him- that one's getting a little snug.