Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Louicot St. Pierre

I was making my rounds at Castel-Pere this morning and this young man asked to speak to me. His name is Louicot and he is the oldest of nine children. His father had an accident on Wednesday, March 28th which has left him handicapped and unable to work. His mother is busy with the young children and has no marketable skills. Louicot would love to continue his education but there's no money; he'd love to learn a trade but can't afford to go to a vocational training school; he'd love to help his parents and younger siblings but cannot. To continue his classical education would cost $250 (a year for two more years). To learn a trade would cost about $300 plus the cost of tools. Learning a trade makes a lot of sense but our resources are stretched too thin to be able to help him. I told him that I would post his photo on this blog and that we'd pray for him.


  1. Hi, if someone wanted to help financially, how would we go about doing that? Thanks.

  2. Click on DONATE NOW on the right and you'll have options on how to help. Please indicate your intention- a donation for Louicot or to be used for food, medicine, education, clothing, shelter...

  3. I just made a donation to Pwoje Espwa via paypal and there was no place on the form to specify intentions...

    I've been following the microloan craze a bit, specifically Kiva.org. Its gotten press on Ophra and other media sources and seems to be collecting huge numbers of people willing to loan money. They website states that they are looking for field partners to distribute loans in the field. People do borrow for school fees as well as for small businesses. I'm sure you are too busy, but there might be a business opportunity for some of your graduates in it. Very little seems to have been done in Haiti in setting up companies to distribute microloans. Just a thought.

    You might check out their website.

    Barb in Las Cruces