Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Chouloute Family

Oscar Emmanuel
Louis Woodlin
Georges and Fedlaine
Michaela Remond
Here's the Chouloute family. Mom passed away when Michaela, the baby, was seven months old. The father died shortly afterwards leaving the seven children orphaned. The grandmother lives next door but cannot be of any financial assistance. Louis Erlise is the oldest and she does the best she can to keep the family together. It is a monumental task and she needs our help. This is what your donations go to.


  1. Is there something specific that would help these children? Sue

  2. More than anything, the children need financial help. They are now completely dependent on neighbors and us for food, clothing and medical care. They live on handouts. It would be huge gift to them to have some little cash to be able to purchase needed things like toiletries, clothing...

    Father Marc

  3. Fa. Marc---will be sending you $1000 to help this family---god bless--tc

  4. God Bless the giver tc!!! Thank you for opening your heart and your wallet! What a Difference that $ will make in the lives of those children.

  5. I would like to help this family out...please contact me at!