Wednesday, December 10, 2008


OK, so he's home safe and sound. Here's what transpired. We realized at the last moment that he, as a Haitian, would need a visa to enter Grand Caymans. The British Embassy moved out of Haiti back in 2004 to the Dominican Republic. There was no time to get a visa for the D.R. and see the appropriate bureaucrat at the embassy so Will got on the horn and made contact with these people. They agreed over the phone to have someone waiting at the airport for Fritzner and give him a visa. Well, no one informed the authorities in Havana who refused to let him board the plane with no visa. All attempts to communicate with us via telephone and Internet were futile. He had only enough money for two days and had to pay to have his ticket changed so he could get back here earlier than expected. Lucky for him that he met a couple of nice people who helped him. The taxi driver put him up at his home for three nights and a Cuban woman paid for the fee at the airport. So, now you know. By the way, he wants to run in next year's marathon and he said that he'll make sure the paperwork is all in order.


  1. Thanks so much for giving us the explanation. I think many of us spent a stressed week wondering what had happened. I am so glad he is safe. Let him know that people from all over worried about and prayed for him.

    Is Michelet Pierre-Louise still with you? Any news on him?

    Barb in New Mexico.

  2. Michelet is still here and doing fine. He lives independently in town and works for us. At the moment, he is painting the rooms of the Guest House.

  3. So pleased to hear it. Can you say
    "hello" to Michelet from me if you see him and tell him I still think about him and pray for him?


    Barb in Las Cruces