Monday, August 31, 2009

P. J. Stack

On August 27, 2009, PJ Stack saw the culmination of a year long dream to design, build, and ship a see-saw water pump to Father Marc's orphanage. In that year, he met amazingly generous parishioners at Santiago de Compostela, discovered a gifted engineer to help him refine and construct the design, and experienced the determination of scouts, neighbors, and friends who all worked to make his dream a reality.
PJ achieved Boy Scouts highest rank and became an Eagle Scout on August 27, 2009. While that journey is complete, the path has left a life long impression on our family and reminded us of the blessings we have that we may not have even realized were out there in the first place. For that gift, we are forever grateful.

The above words were penned by P.J.'s father. We, here, are very grateful for all the effort and energy that was put into this successful project.  May God bless P.J., his supportive family and all those who helped in this endeavor.


  1. Looks like fun and I am sure there are plenty of children to help operate the pump. What a charming idea!


  2. This is wonderful - what a great project. Can you tell us how it will be put to use. It is so interesting.
    Rita Hunter

  3. what a wonderful project ... fun and useful!