Monday, September 14, 2009

Susan's swim

Susan Midgett did as she promised and swam the open waters from Alcatraz to the mainland.  She has raised just over $80,000 and needs your help to make it to her goal of $100,000 that will go to help build a medical-dental clinic for our children and poor neighbors.  We are very grateful to Susan and her family for this exemplary devotion.  See this article in her hometown paper:


  1. I have been in awe Susan throughout this entire endeavor -- not only her attempt at the physical challenge of the swim, or her ability to raise the $82,000 she has to date -- but of her ability to even allow herself to dream something this huge & selfless.

    She is truly my hero & inspires me to be a better man (...even if she is my wife).


  2. This surely took tremendous sacrifice and powerful discipline on her part along with loving patience and support from her family. Her efforts are much appreciated! May God bless her for her generosity.