Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Los Alamitos, CA

I was at St Hedwig's Parish in Los Alamitos this past weekend.  Father Ken and his community were very hospitable to me and very generous in their support of the children.  We are very grateful and ask God to continue to bless them. 
I'll be at St Irenaeus Parish in Cypress this coming weekend.  Father Patrick graciously invited me to preach at all masses.  The following weekend I'll be at Santiago de Compostella in Lake Forest.  Have been going there for six years now and the parish has been very supportive of our efforts. The pastor there, Father Dave, has been an exceptional friend over the years.
I'll be speaking at five Rotary Clubs while in California.  Rotary Clubs and Rotary International were the first on scene in Les Cayes right after the earthquake.  They arranged the transportation of medical teams, medicine and equipment and so were directly responsible for saving hundreds of lives and limbs.  We are very proud to be associated with Rotary!


  1. Sad that I will be out of town and have to miss you when you are at Santiago de Compostella. After being part of the group who never made it past Ft Lauderdale in January due to the quake, I was looking forward to meeting you in person before trying to come again next January. Have a safe trip!! Trish Leuer

  2. Bon courage dans votre mission Father Marc!!! We miss you.


  3. Hope you can squeeeeeze in a little rest.

  4. We look forward to your visit to Santiago every year!