Monday, August 9, 2010

Bon Voyage to Dimitri and Eric

Dimitri and Eric pose with their pathways construction team.  Both are taking TortugAir for Port-au-Prince this morning and then catching a flight back to the states.  We wish them safe travels and thank them for their dedication.  The pathways were Dimitri's Eagle Scout Project.  He raised all the necessary funds to make this project a reality, a beautiful gift for our children's village.


  1. Great job and a super project. A place to walk and stay out of the mud will make day to day life so much easier.

  2. Hello Guys,
    I'm not sure if I can see the walkway from Google Maps but can certianly see the great job you and the boys did - everyday.
    Please know it was a pleasure meeting you both, you are great young men and will go far in life. We cannot Thank You enough. God Bless
    hope to meet you again.