Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frantzi Jean

Frantzi Jean, brother of Joel Jean who works in our finance office, is a second year seminary student  in Port-au-Prince.  He has been doing training with our older boys.  Some of the topics he has covered with them are: World religions and their characteristics, the Origin of the church in the Bible, the birth of Protestantism, the Reformation, the liturgy and it's origins in the Bible, the structure of the Mass.
Frantzi is heading back to the seminary this week but needs financial support.  School tuition and books will cost 22,500 Gourdes ($563.00 US) for the year and living expenses will cost 38,500 Gourdes per semester (almost $1,000 US) and there are three semesters per year.  Know anyone or a church community that would like to sponsor a seminarian?

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