Sunday, October 2, 2011


The main road leading to our campus was blocked for three days this week.  Trees were strategically placed to stop all traffic and young people were posted nearby to discourage anyone from trying to circumvent the obstacles.  Several tires were offered up, like sacrifices, for the cause.
What was behind this?  The young adults of Madame Combe, the nearest village to us, are frustrated and despondent because of high unemployment.  They have been to school and done what they should have but they remain jobless.  Imagine their frustration when they see dozens and dozens of Espwa employees pass their homes on their way to work every single day.  This all came to a head this week and the young people decided to act and let their feelings be known.  
Things have calmed down a bit but the fire is not out. 
Your prayers are needed for all of us here to have wisdom, patience and understanding.

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