Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls' Domes

Below is a picture of our preteen girls. They are kind to the children, helpful to the house mothers, and very studious. On their last report card, they all received a 7.0 average. This is top work! 

Here is the first of a series of dome houses that our girls will reside in. A model bladder is blown up, then the stucco is put into place, and when it is dry, the bladder will be removed. The craftsmen are becoming experts at the process. Photo courtesy of Bill Bullock. 

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  1. These dome houses are a perfect, quick, inexpensive way to build housing, expecially in tropical areas like Haiti. They are easy to build, don't use too much material and don't use any trees at all to build. Which is very important for a tree denuded country like Haiti. I've been reading about dome houses for some time. I hope that the girls enjoy their new home. Please kee up the good work.