Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Sony and Sonice have finally made it home! They are much healthier, alert, and being showered with love by their Pwoje Espwa family. Above you can see Matante holding Sonice and Bernonie holding Sony. The twins will be living in the green girls house with a handful of our tween girls who will assist in their care. 

Fanfan and Bernonie carefully carrying the twins to their new home. 

Sony in his brand new crib.

Sonice in her brand new crib. 

This is the first time Pwoje Espwa will be caring for infants. Our goal is to hire a caregiver for each child and provide them with all the comforts an infant deserves. If you would like to make a monthly contribution to help support the high costs of caring for the twins, please visit the Army of Angels website. 

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