Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prayers requested

Two of our older boys were heading to visit family not far from town this morning.  They were involved in a horrible accident.  Both were rushed to the local General Hospital.  One is doing better though the doctors are keeping him there for observation as he had some head injuries.  The other, Evenson, is not doing well at all.  The doctors decided that he had to go to PaP as Les Cayes does not have the necessary facilities for this kind of trauma.  Evenson has not been conscious and has a large wound on his scalp.  He made the trip (which is good) but was turned away from three medical facilities and is now on his way to the PaP General Hospital.  Please pray for both the boys but especially for Evenson.  Thank you.


  1. There is an Evenson listed in the Army of Angels with a picture. Is this the same person?

    I have very much missed the postings on this blog.

    Barb in New Mexico

  2. Internet here is really bad at the moment so looking up the Army of Angels could take a while. The boy in PaP is Evenson Hippolyte.

  3. That's who is listed, so people following this could see his picture on the Army of Angels site.

    I will certainly be praying for both of them