Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fun Activities for a Tuesday afternoon

This afternoon our long term volunteers and visiting friend planned a day full of activities for the kids at Espwa. In the morning a group of the younger boys made their way over to the Guest House for the first activity. The volunteers taught the boys a few songs and they sang and clapped along to the new words.

After the songs, they learned how to make bracelets with pipe cleaners and beads that each symbolize one piece of the story of Jesus. The volunteers led the activity with the help of a few Espwa graduates who are learning English and helped translate the meaning of the beads. 

After the craft, the kids went out into the field for some fun with a parachute. They laughed and shouted as they lifted the parachute above their heads and watched it flutter into the air. One by one they took turns running underneath and teaching their favorite games to our volunteers. 

Later in the morning a group of Espwa girls came over for another round of crafts and activities. A fun way to spend a Tuesday afternoon this summer. Many thanks to our volunteers!

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