Monday, August 18, 2014

Guests for Lunch, Hoping to Stay

Meet Danielson, Ableson, and baby Job. Today their father stopped by Espwa to see if we could offer them anything to eat. Since the boys' mother passed away in March, their father has been struggling to feed them and heard he might find help at Espwa.

Thankfully, Matante was home this afternoon and filled four plates of food for each of the sons and their father to eat diri ak sos pwa (rice and bean sauce). They were very grateful for the meal and each ate their fill. Little Job already shows signs of malnutrition. Meals like this are so important for his development at this critical stage in his early childhood.

The father hopes we can find a place for Danielson, Abelson and Job to live here at Espwa. He can no longer support them on his own and fears they will starve. We wish we had the resources to welcome every child who comes to our doorstep: Job and his brothers and many more in situations like them.

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