Friday, December 5, 2014

English Classes

For the past three months, a select group of older boys at Espwa have been invited to take free English classes at the Quad. They've been working on developing their vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills with Kelsey and Rachel and the visitors.

The boys take classes three times a week and as more and more students have learned about the opportunity, invitations to the class have spread. Although every student does not attend every class, we have roughly 20-30 boys learning English with us. As of this week, we even have our first woman in class: Sonia, the Guest House cook!

The best part of class is playing games with the students. A few weeks ago, with Sue's group, we did a scavenger hunt at Espwa by pairing up our students with visitors and having them work together in teams. The above picture is one of the photos taken during the scavenger hunt of "someone jumping in the air." This week we played a game of Jeopardy together to learn English plurals.

We are looking forward to continuing classes through the spring and hope some of our springtime visitors will be just as excited as we are to help the students develop their language skills. They've come so far already!

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