Friday, January 2, 2015

Ringing in the New Year with Service

Two of Espwa's older boys, Makintoch and Lifaite, created and manage a program for the children of their home village in Camp Perrin. It is their way of giving back to the community, and spreading the values Espwa has helped instill in them to others. Yesterday they hosted a New Years celebration for the village. The boys carried snacks, gifts, and sound equipment way up into the mountains to set up the party. They led games like musical chairs, had a dancing contest, and shared a meal together. It was amazing to see 2015 beginning in a joyful way thanks to Makintoch and Lifaite and their mentoring of the kids.

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  1. Having recently returned from my first visit to Haiti, I must say I was surprised by the living conditions and the level of poverty most Haitians continue to experience daily. Now, five years after the earthquake and billions upon billions of dollars in aid, it is hard to comprehend why there are still so many needing so much. For me, it was important to see the disparity to fully appreciate and understand the impact Espwa is having on the lives of those who live and work at Hope Village.

    Espwa is indeed a special place, providing children and adolescents with not only, shelter and basic human needs but also, education, health and medical care, emotional and spiritual support, and vocational training in a safe and secure environment. It is truly a place where one can have Hope in Haiti.

    It was great to be with you, Kelsey, at Espwa (despite the short visit) and to meet the folks who have become your family away from home. I admire your dedication and all that you do to help fulfill the mission at Espwa. Many blessings to you, Father Marc and Rachel for the meaningful work you do and the heartfelt compassion you share. Best wishes to all the people of Espwa in 2015. A special place where one can have Hope in Haiti ~