Friday, June 5, 2015

Off the Grid!

Thanks to our friends from Indiana, the Espwa Quad now has an alternate electricity source--the sun! 

After searching extensively for solar panels in Haiti, a team of university students from Indiana finally got their hands on some, which they were able to install on the roof of the guesthouse.  Haiti is notorious for its unreliable city power, which forces Espwa to run a large diesel generator everyday to fill in the gaps. Running the generator is expensive, so Espwa is trying to reduce the amount of diesel it must purchase. According to the team, with the addition of the solar panels, Espwa could save approximately 350 gallons of diesel each year, and have the bonus of offsetting around 7,000 pounds of CO2 each year!

Also, the team shared their expertise by teaching science classes to some of Espwa's students. The kids really enjoyed learning about all different topics!

Thanks for sharing your talents!

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