Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There was a knock on our gate and when I went to look, there was this little boy standing there with expectant eyes, ten years old and skinny as a rail.  His father, a mechanic from Port-au-Prince, had abandoned him on our doorstep - this child was Evenson.  Abandoned by his family at a very young age he is now one of Espwa’s many treasured children.

Little by little, he began to smile, to meet friends, and become engaged with his new life at Pwoje Espwa.  Evenson was a stand out soccer player. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2013, Evenson and a close friend were in a terrible motorcycle accident that almost took his life.  Evenson was rushed to Port-Au-Prince (PAP) laying in a puddle of blood in the back of an Espwa vehicle, accompanied by an Espwa nurse and a staff person.  After being denied entry from 3 hospitals, they found one to take him and by the grace of God he survived. 

Currently, Evenson has a serious medical issue affecting his ability to urinate which could be life threatening if not addressed.  So far, he has received a sonogram at the local hospital here in Les Cayes.  After seeing a blockage in the urethra, the doctor has decided that Evenson needs to go to Port-Au-Prince for further exploration of the medical issue which will more than likely result in the need for surgery. 

These unexpected emergencies cannot be covered by our operating budget.  We are in dire need of donations TODAY to pay for Evenson’s transportation to Port-au-Prince, his lab work and whatever surgery he will need.  Our best guess at this point is $1600.00.  Donations can be made directly to FTK designated for Evenson’s medical fund.

We pray that God would direct your hearts to help in any way you are able – THANK YOU in the name of all Espwa’s children, especially Evenson. 


SEND CHECKS TO:   Payable to Free the Kids (Designate in memo: emergency medical fund)

                                    FREE THE KIDS
                                    5704 W. MARKET ST. #8947
                                    GREENSBORO, NC  27419

CREDIT CARD:  (Designate in memo: emergency medical fund)

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