Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Package Received!

After traveling 2,500 miles over 60 days, the long awaited container donated by the Parker Mission arrived at Espwa! 

The container, which started its journey in Colorado, was packed full of donations from supporters around the country. 

Included were clothes for the children, office supplies for the new administration building, English-learning books, and necessary tools to help support the agriculture program at Espwa--including a tractor!

Most importantly, the container brought much-needed irrigation equipment, which will be installed in the fields so Espwa's crops will have a continuous source of water and not have to rely on the inconsistencies of Haiti's weather.

Cameron, who leads the Parker Mission, returned back to Espwa to dedicate an additional month of his time to unpack the container and to make use of all of its resources. Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to make this possible!

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