Thursday, October 22, 2015

Free the Kids celebrates 17th anniversary this month!

It was exactly 17 years ago this month that an abandoned building became the home for 15 kids who coined the name Pwoje Espwa, Creole for Project Hope. And this is how Free the Kids began.

That first building was quickly filled to capacity with homeless children and after a few years and a lot of hard work, 125 acres of land was purchased about 20 minutes from the city of Les Cayes. Over 400 children now live there and are supported by Free the Kids.

“As I look back on our humble beginnings and see how far we have come in responding to the needs of the most vulnerable children in southern Haiti,I am in awe at what can be done when the Holy Spirit is present,” said Father Marc Boisvert, founder of Free the Kids.  

“Pwoje Espwa Sud is able to house, feed and educate poor children, thereby giving them the opportunity to one day become independent, contributing members of Haitian society," he said. 

"I look at what we have accomplished since we began in a small rented house in Camp-Perrin and I am filled with gratitude for our many friends who have made this possible.  But there remains much to do and many more destitute children who need our assistance.  Food, medical care, shelter and education are essential to these children in order for them to survive. But we need to move forward by giving them the tools to not just survive, but to succeed in life.  Those tools are vocational training and opportunities for higher education along with a moral/ethical/spiritual formation,” Father Marc said.

“May God continue to bless us with faithful supporters as we accompany these children towards a brighter future,” Father Marc said. 

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