Monday, February 22, 2016

Chef Fi Ki Fó!

Over the past year, ten of Espwa's oldest girls have been enrolled in the inaugural "Fi Ki Fó" program, ("strong girl" in Creole), sponsored by Write to Be. The girls have spent their free time after school each day taking classes from talented Haitian women to learn skills such as sewing, embroidery, cooking, French, and computer skills to increase their potential to become economically independent when it is time for them to live on their own. 

Cooking class, taught by Guest House Chef Sonia, is one of the girls' favorite classes. This semester, so far, they have learned proper kitchen etiquette, and how to make a cake, a traditional Haitian snack similar to donuts, and a macaroni dish. It has been rewarding to watch the girls enjoy their yummy creations--as well as taste them ourselves!

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  1. So cool - love this! Hope to try some of the girls' favorite treats when we visit!