Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Davidson - Espwa Kid Spotlight

We are thankful for donors who continue to make opportunities possible for kids like Davidson.

 This 13-year-old young man, whose full name is Davidson Pierre, is curently in 4th grade.  He has 6 brothers, but he is the only child in his family who lives at Espwa. When asked what he likes the most about being here Davidson responded, “Oh, I like everything here. I like when I play with the little kids.” Other activities he enjoys are playing soccer and speaking “Jargon” which is a Creole version of “Pig Latin.” His favorite subjects in school are math and literature; when he finishes school he would like to be a mechanic because he likes cars and motorcycles. Davidson says the best advice he could give to another person is to “…respect all people and don’t hurt kids.” Thanks for chatting with us, buddy! We’re proud of you!

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