Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dental Care Gives Hope

Imagine a schedule like this one:
1)   Late night flight from home to Florida on Thursday
2)   Early morning flight from Florida to Port-au-Prince on Friday
3)   5 hour drive from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes on Friday
4)   Arrive in Les Cayes, immediately set up a dental clinic that consists of all materials one would find in a dentist’s office in the States
5)   See patients late into the night Friday
6)   Wake up early on Saturday morning to work in the dental clinic all day
7)   Repeat on Sunday
8)   Early drive from Les Cayes to Port-au-Prince on Monday
9)   Flight(s) home on Monday
10) Returning back to work/normal routine by Tuesday morning

Believe it or not, this schedule is REAL and it takes place every year at Pwoje Espwa at the beginning of September. The group consists of dentists, hygienists, dental students, and support staff from all over the United States. They have been making the trip down to Espwa for the past 9 years to provide top of the line dental care to our children, staff, and surrounding community members all for free.

This year, Dr. Tozzer and his team saw a record 344 patients over the 2 and a half days they were here. They worked from sun up to sun down with translators at their sides to communicate about the needs of the patients. From check-ups for 4-year-olds to oral surgery for adults, the team saw it all and did it all. Thousands of dollars in dental care… all for free

To say we are grateful for a visit like this would be an absolute understatement. Thank you to this group of professionals for encouraging healthy dental habits, curing severe pains, and giving love and care to our Pwoje Espwa community. We are blessed to have you all as a part of our family.

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