Wednesday, March 16, 2005

News items

  • We have been in touch with Dick Martin of Global Peace Containers. He'll be coming to visit us next week when we will discuss the possibility of building a school out of shipping containers. I've seen some plans and they are impressive.
  • The Rotary International Irrigation Project is underway. FINALLY !!!! Jude Noel, the agronomist who wrote the project and will execute it, says that in two months we should have the system up and running. Can't wait. This will be a huge asset to our agricultural efforts. Will keep you posted.
  • The kids are out of school for Easter vacation. We have outings planned, arts and craft projects, choir practice, dance lessons and a sports program to keep them busy.
  • Getting passports for Edmond and Elson has been a real nightmare. Found out this morning that there's another delay in Port-au-Prince for another stupid bureaucratic reason. Please say a prayer that this work out as we need those passports so Edmond and Elson can get proper treatment in the states.

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