Wednesday, March 9, 2005

The children at Castel-Pere

Much is happening at the village. The kids are happy and healthy. Every last one of them love it. They can run and play and sing and scream. We have a small garden project. Four teams of 10 to 12 year olds are learning about agriculture by doing it. The teams get up around 5 AM and get their waterjugs. Some check out the weeds and pull them. All of them have promised me fresh produce for my table. What a gift! I mean that they will have something of their own to give away. Few and far apart are the opportunities for them to be able to give something to someone else.
The younger boys are just having fun and eating as many mangoes as they can. Our mango trees are doing us a great favor and the kids are getting extra vitamins. Our banana trees and papaya trees have started bearing fruit though we can't pluck them just yet. Raymond is deciding which other fruit tree to plant next. I'd like to see some sweet grapefruit trees. I can just imagine eating them for breakfast.

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