Friday, April 8, 2005

Answered prayers !!

Thank you, Lord, for the blessed rain which started on Tuesday announcing the badly needed rainy season. There's water for the animals and the fields; there's water for the rice paddies and for laundry; there's water to nourish our little gardens, our banana trees and papaya plants. We have had losses but now we look forward as through a grimy windshield that has just been washed clean.

John Piccolo and Dee Orlowski arrived on Tuesday and John left this morning. He was impressed with the children and the various programs to assist them in becoming healthy, productive and moral individulals. Thank you for your visit, John. Please come back and bring your wife, Penny. Dee will be with us another week and is already giving the kitchen staff a helping hand. She'll be tackling an administrative project along with Nick as soon as he is healthy. Nick picked up a parasite ot two but is recuperating well.

Thnak you all for your comments and for your prayers.

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  1. For those of you who would like to visit Haiti and see for yourself what a difference Father Marc is making(JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES) but are hesitating to travel let me make the following comments.
    Round trip airfare from LAX to PaP
    Room and board while in Country
    Malaria pills, bugspray and such
    A week with the kids