Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tempus fugit !!

Where does the time go? It has been hectic here of late. Lots of changes in personnel and some necessary implementations of new protocols and procedures. Budget problems have forced us to sell two vehicles: one was ready to keel over and croak and we were using extraordinary measures to keep it going (chicken wire and glue) and the other was under-utilized. Have had to do a little more walking these last few days but that's good exercise. Will be posting several photos of the newly arrived boys shortly. Each has a sad story, of course, and their coming here changes everything.
When you have a chance look up Global Peace Containers using Google. Dick Martin, one of the co-founders, has visited us and will be helping us build a Primary School at Castel-Pere using old shipping containers. This recycling of containers fits in well with our ecological approach at the village/farm. Speaking of recycling, we have had no luck with our BioGas system. We are disappointed as this would have been a huge savings in the cooking fuel department. We're now in the process of building a "normal" latrine system. All that potential methane and excellent fertilizer going down the tube... darn!

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