Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Surgery for Elson

I received an email from Doctor Cynthia DeSoi this afternoon and wanted to pass it on to all of you. Here it is:

I am writing this from the recovery room, where I am waiting for Elson to wake up. It has been a long day already- we arrived at the hospital at 6 am for surgery at 8 am. We were delayed until 9:30 because of guardianship issues and infection control. After much discussion it was decided that we needed a negative airflow room and all the staff had to wear space suits, boots, etc.

Anyway, it finally began. I was able to be there the entire time. The surgery took 4 hours and was quite extensive. His arm was opened from shoulder to elbow, and all of the infected bone was removed. If you can imagine a canoe, that's what it was like. Then a rod was made of antibiotic-impregnated plastic and made to fit in the enormous hole. The whole thing was flushed with about 20 liters of fluid, and then closed. He will likely go back to surgery next week for more debridement. Eventually (?6-8 weeks?) he will need bone grafting.

He is still sleeping, and we are not in a hurry to wake him as he is going to be hurting. He is stable and the care is wonderful.
Thanks for your prayers- keep it up!

Dokte C.


  1. Reading all the posts....makes me want to be back again.

  2. You know, my heart breaks when I think that if Elson could have been helped at the beginning of his ordeal he would not have to suffer all this pain. Since he was by accident of birth born in Haiti with marginal medical treatment his journey is beyond imaginable.

    On the other hand my heart rejoices at the love and care he is getting from Dr. Cynthia, her family and her associates. God Bless you all and give Elson my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. I have been visiting Haiti since 1999
    the progress is amazing
    Pe Mak's vision is unfolding amidst all the obstacles he has encountered.
    God is truly watching over him.
    WHen there has been no food or money, miraculously some organization or person has come through to temporarily alleviate the problem.

    How can we not believe in God?

    To go to Haiti & be involved in Pe Mak's mission is to leave your heart there, the children, the people , the land & the culture surely will always draw you back.

    COME, See for yourself!