Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A woman came by with her four sons. She is desperately poor and widowed. She begged us to take in her four sons while she will keep her six daughters with her. The family does not eat every day nor do the children attend school. The boys will be moving to Castel-Pere and we will try and find some aid for the mom and her daughters. The boys are (from left) Rony, Junior (tallest), Johnny and Davidson. Posted by Picasa


  1. It must be so painful to have to split up her family-- what a heartache for any mother! Obviously, she loves them very much to want to provide a chance at a better life for her children. Fortunately, the boys will be able to be together in a safe and healthy place.

  2. What a beautiful family. Hope fully in the future the girls of Southern Haiti will have an option as well....

  3. A mothers love-
    Wanting only the best for her children

    Such beautiful children
    & you are giving them hope for the future


  4. Are the older ESPWA boys getting any sex education? This nation might benefit from an invention called the condom.