Saturday, January 28, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly

I try to be positive about life here, and with good
reason: the kids are doing well, the agricultural
projects are bearing fruit (a little pun), many
friends are giving us wonderful support back in their
home countries. . . but at times, one must accept the
negative, too. This is a photo of Jean-Gardy, one of
our external boys. He lives at home with his ailing
grandmother, sister and younger brother. We help them
with school expenses, medical care, rent and food so
that they can remain together as a family. Two nights
ago, Jean-Gardy was shot twice by a thug who stole the
small motorcycle he used as a taxi. He is lucky that
the wounds were superficial. Another graduate of
Pwoje Espwa, James Esperance, was also recently robbed
at gun-point, and although he was spared a bullet
wound, his taxi-moto met the same fate as that of
Jean-Gardy. These two boys work hard, they were fast
becoming completely self-sufficient, and then disaster
struck. It’s an all too common tale here in Haiti.
James is completely depressed and Jean-Gardy is still
in shock. Please add them to your prayer list. Posted by Picasa


  1. I have met so many kind and loving, honest and hard-working people in Haiti. It's sad that they are being preyed upon by thugs; sad that a whole country is being held hostage by the violent tactics of a minority.

  2. I think prayers are in order for the robbers as well as the victims -- rampant, horrific generational poverty, oppression and injustice tend to do things to human beings. There but for the grace of God go all of us. We should never forget that.

  3. We all pray that the violence will end & that all will be able to live & hope for a future

    Cayes is a wonderful city

    Violence must end---