Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Check it out

Our Arts and Crafts' folks are doing some amazing things these days. Please click on the link for KonnysKorner on the right to see the creativity of our young participants. All money received goes into the Arts and Crafts' budget to purchase more material, buy new tools, provide income for the artisans and, more importantly, it gives them a sense of pride and dignity. Our friend, Connie Basso, makes it very easy for you to purchase items and support our work. CHECK IT OUT at Konny's Korner by clicking on the link. Thanks.


  1. I'm at the beginning of the relocation process and look forward to shopping here to decorate when I am settled.

  2. Thank you too, Cory for your support

  3. The crafts are incredibly beautiful!!!!
    I am especially enjoying my heart of flowers with the butterfly atop and the beautifly sun. Many, many thanks.